Leverage unparalleled 
business process automation

The COVID-19 impact on the healthcare industry has been unprecedented. Whether enabling workforce optimization or ensuring remote patient care, organizations are under pressure to adopt an automation-led business strategy. BPA4 offers AI-powered process automation, support services, and outsourcing with technology capabilities. It eliminates redundant, inefficient processes with intelligent software robots that also improve front-end and back-end experiences.

Fuel your business processes with accuracy, efficiency, and speed

BPA4 is a ready-to-use ‘designed for healthcare’ business process automation and support services solution. We provide implementation support for robotic process automation, chatbot implementations, live chat, contact center solutions, and more. You can build a truly digital workforce to reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and deliver great experiences.

Our unique methodology



AI-powered solutions to improve healthcare systems and processes



Robotic workflows to automate and scale everyday manual tasks



Advanced contact center solutions for superior provider/member experiences

Solution highlights

  • Ensure ease of integration with BPA solutions that complement existing systems and processes
  • Automate tasks in provider relationship, claims reengineering, member management, and more
  • Create enriched customer experiences with automation and custom bots
  • Increase data compliance with audit-ready bots that automatically review at a granular level
  • Unearth hidden data insights that identify opportunities for improvement and growth
  • Enrich and reduce friction between payers, patients, and providers with efficient business processes

Create a new digital workforce and 
get superior business agility

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