Truly omnichannel experiences for payers and providers

Data-rich conversations in the digital era

Neither payers nor providers have any tolerance for conversation disruptors. Inefficient processes and tools that connect them lead to stakeholder mistrust. It’s why digital experience tools – led by AI engines and bot frameworks – can be integrated for powering up business processes in provider network management. It includes network development, recruiting, credentialing, claims, renewal, upsell, and more to deliver effortless experiences.

Payer-provider omnichannel connectivity

If your communication platform lacks simplicity and scalability, it creates administrative burdens. Without real-time analytics and intuitive management tools, they can cause stakeholder disruption. Built on Amazon Connect, Comms4 is an off-the-shelf next-generation communicator to streamline how payers and providers interact through voice and chat channels. When integrated with Pure4, it can use clean data to increase provider network management capabilities.

Comms4: Make every interaction count

Comms4 is a low-code, intuitive, and out-of-the-box communicator that streamlines how stakeholders interact. Lightweight and feature-packed, it helps improve agent efficiency and lowers support costs while providing contextual insights to enable meaningful call or chat outcomes. Comms4 can be set up in minutes to interact with stakeholders – anyplace and anytime. You can add a self-learning layer of data-rich insights, unique to your communication requirements, and enable streamlined health flows.

  • Unifies your voice and chat omnichannel payer-provider experiences
  • Drives contextual real-time conversations based on profile, behavior, and history
  • Empowers you to easily scale your support capabilities based on your demanda 

Product highlights

Get future-ready voice and chat contact flows - integrated with Amazon Connect.

Start with just a web browser and an internet connection – be up and running in just minutes!

Avoid hefty license charges or long-term commitments – with a ‘pay as you scale’ model.

Increase lead generation capabilities - turn website visitors into potential customers.

Looking to enable omnichannel connectivity with digital experience tools?

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