Products & Solutions

Curated Provider Data

There is a growing crisis of inaccuracy in even the most basic network information. Regulators are intervening, providers are exhausted, patients are frustrated, and payers can’t keep up. Constellation4 is dedicated to delivering continuous accuracy in healthcare data streams with C4 Curated Provider Data.


Member Experience

The C4 Member Platform integrates your processes into an end-to-end member experience solution for payers. Focus on your core business, and let us extend your capabilities with integrated service from initial contact to retention year after year.

Provider Engagement

Energize your provider partnership with the C4 Provider Center. Manage the full lifecycle of provider interactions to eliminate their frustrations and build a strong, flexible network that stands out from your competition.

Medication Optimization

The C4 Medication Solution improves patient outcomes with robust member outreach services. From OTC supplies to refill reminders, members become engaged in the success of their medication program for optimal outcomes.

Advisory Services

We have successfully navigated payers through industry disruption, revolutionary technology upgrades, and regulatory upheaval. The C4 Advisory Services brings a get-it-done sensibility to the most complex challenges in healthcare.

Healthcare Technologies

C4 Healthcare Technologies bring tested understanding to the stubbornly siloed systems of healthcare. Our architecture focuses on seamless integration and data synchronization. The C4 team’s experience has brought billions of dollars of savings to the most complex healthcare system challenges.

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