C4 Curated Provider Data

The New Standard in Provider Data Management

Constellation4 is dedicated to delivering continuous accuracy in healthcare data streams with C4 Curated Provider Data.

Let us protect, rebuild, and transform your provider directory.

Network directory inaccuracy is a festering problem dragging down payers. 97% of provider directories can’t meet the minimum standards for accuracy.

Constellation4 has rebuilt provider data management from the ground up. We pull together public, private, and social data into our Curation Engine. Then we aggregate, cleanse, label, and catalog to provide our payer customers with truly curated provider data. We accomplish this with a service-centric model that makes it easy for providers to maintain their information. As a result, our customers achieve data accuracy 94% higher than everyone else. More importantly, they improve member access to care, smoothing out frictions, and energizing provider engagement.

Ensuring Compliance

Maintaining compliance is a legal standard you have to get right. Avoid hefty CMS penalties and protect your brand from unwanted attention. Keep your network directory compliant so you stay in control.

Assured Accuracy

Beyond compliance is a higher standard of accuracy to provide your plan members with increased satisfaction. Bad data chips away at the foundation of your business. Take your network information to the next level of accuracy.

Developing Dynamic Data

Accuracy is a moving target. It’s not enough for your directory to be accurate a few times a year. Benefit from data that is continuously accurate using proactive verification and custom data integration.

Business Insights

Once you reach the new standard of continuously updated directory information, we take you to the next level with customized business information that builds value unique to your brand.

Seamless Integration

When you’re ready, we provide end-to-end integration to reconcile curated data with your back-end systems. Reduce friction with flexible integration options to meet your exact business needs.

How accurate is your directory?

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