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Unlock and unleash clean data

Data can be good, bad, or messy as far as healthcare records are concerned. That’s why automation isn’t always a game-changer. If your data quality is poor, it can increase the extent and impact of the damage. You need a tactical approach, based on robust data management, to ensure that clean data seamlessly find its way into your ecosystem.

The Pure4 Product Suite

One of the systemic issues that impact healthcare access is the abundance of messy provider data. If made interoperable (as required by the CMS Interoperability Provider Directory API mandate), bad data will only proliferate faster and become a bigger problem. Pure4 products help you overcome this challenge by providing clean data solutions that come integrated with interoperability APIs.

Pure4 Data: Keeping data clean

Pure4 Data is an AI-powered provider data curation solution that aggregates, cleanses, and curates the provider data from multiple sources. It validates specific data elements with the right sources to guarantee the information about the network can be trusted. You can subscribe to this clean data and synchronize your systems with Pure4 data. You can also engage Pure4 to be part of your end-to-end provider data management process.

  • Aggregates information from multiple sources and curates clean data through channels like phone, web, and email with the providers
  • Offers a single source to obtain provider data with granular attributes to enhance data quality
  • Enhances the payer’s ability to keep the provider directory clean and compliant with CMS requirements
  • Collects and monitors sentiment data from providers’ offices to enhance member satisfaction

Product highlights

Aggregate data from both public and private sources like CMS, medical boards, and social media.

Curate clean data using AI-based matching algorithms and multi-modal verification.

Gain insights like location/provider analysis to strengthen network recruiting, as well as management and compliance.

Get sentiment analysis through call recordings and real-time chat transcripts.

Pure4 io: Ensuring clean data interoperability

Pure4 io is a hosted solution for payers to quickly implement the CMS interoperability final rules requirement. It acts as a single CMS API Gateway to host your Provider Directory APIs and a passthrough gateway for other APIs. It reduces your IT implementation by providing a perfect architecture to meet FHIR and API gateway needs. Pure4 io combines stand-alone FHIR servers for certain APIs and hybrid integration patterns for other APIs to give you the best of both worlds!

  • Immediately maps your data to the CMS compliance FHIR model
  • Ensures your provider directory and formulary API will be up and running within minutes!
  • Offers additional value-added modules to enhance provider engagement
  • Provides an optional fully managed services model for turn-key deployment

Product highlights

Use pre-configured data to go live with API in minutes with optional data cleansing (Pure4 Data).

Curate clean data using AI-based matching algorithms and multi-modal verification.

Get powered by scalable AWS and proprietary Pure4 technology - don’t struggle with open-source tools or get stuck with heavy investments.

Enable out-of-the-box APIs for Provider Directory and Formulary - integrate for other APIs with integration solutions.

See how we can power up your provider data and CMS interoperability

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