Announcing New Strategic Partnership with Visibility Management


Partnership Announcement | Visibility Management | Richard Sanchez | Vision Care Advisor
Partnership Announcement | Visibility Management | Fortune 150 Dental and Vision Payer
Richard Sanchez | Vision Care Advisor | Visibility Management

We are excited to announce a Strategic Partnership with Visibility Management. Visibility Management is a consulting practice of veteran eye care industry experts with a track record of excellence and leadership.

“We have built a strong foundation in the Vision Industry with a Fortune 150 Dental and Vision Payer customer. In addition, we are building a referral management platform for a large Ophthalmology practice. Partnering with Visibility Management and Richard Sanchez will serve as a strong catalyst to further our vision footprint,”, said Saru Seshadri, Founder & CEO of Constellation4 Health.

Currently a significant percentage of our business is related to the vision industry, although our solutions are applicable across the entire provider space.

In our Pure4 Data Curation platform, we have curated data based on both customers’ needs as well as across the entire country. As of December 2021, most of Florida state providers, including vision and other specialties (14,604 providers and 255 organizations across 9,558 locations), and provider data across 50 states (217,791 practitioners’ and organizations across 143,054 locations) have been curated in the Pure4 platform.

Managing Partner, Richard Sanchez, brings 30 years of Eye Care Industry expertise and thought leadership to the company. His leadership of two vision care industry leaders, Vision Twenty-One, Inc and Advantica, resulted in unprecedented managed care growth, an acquisition and IPO. These two vision care companies collectively managed over 4.5 million members and 20,000 eye care providers.

“I have known Saru for several years and have always been drawn by his vision and his passion for bringing innovative solutions to the Healthcare industry. I have deep and personal relationships with all of the major Vision payers and have been excited to bring Saru and his team in to help with some of these companies most pressing needs”, said Richard Sanchez.

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