Constellation Clips

The Venture Catalyst Interview

Power of Tampa Bay Tech Ecosystem and Team
Payer Provider Tensions
Data Quality is a Root Cause
Why We Serve Both Payers & Providers
Looking For Inflection Points To Make A Change In Behavior To Drive A Solution
Frictions Between Payers & Providers
Overview of Health Insurance & Opportunity
Saru Seshadri, Founder & CEO, Personal Experiences In Healthcare

How Payers Should Respond To No Surprises Act (NSA) Webinar

Constellation Clips from Webinar

Overview of the No Surprises Act (NSA)
What Type Of Health Plans Are Affected By No Surprises Act (NSA)
Impact of No Surprises Act (NSA) on Provider Network
Key Requirements Of No Surprises Act (NSA)
1 Million ROI – Case Study
Importance Of Network Verification To Meet No Surprises Act (NSA) Compliance
Comprehensive Provider Data Management
Rethink Payer & Provider Relationship
Our Ongoing Process For Provider Network Verification
Our Robust Provider Data Management Solutions
Three Pronged Approach To No Surprises Act Solutions for Healthcare Payers
Average Surprise Bill For Child Birth
Saru Seshadri, Founder & CEO, Shares His Covid & Surprise Bills Personal Story
The No Surprises Act (NSA) Is Ironic
How Payers Should Respond To No Surprises Act (NSA)
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