About Us

Constellation4 brings together a team of experienced healthcare executives concerned about the inefficiencies hurting healthcare today. In our own families, we have all experienced the harm these inefficiencies cause. Digital opens up new worlds of opportunity to healthcare, and we want that promise to be fulfilled. Other sectors use digital successfully to improve outcomes, bringing people together and making them feel great about the experience. Why do we have more confidence buying a sweater online than we do seeking care? The world of digital health should be warm and comforting too.

We are highly motivated to bring the “care” into digital healthcare.

Executive Team

Saru Seshadri

Mike Keilty

Vince Kegel

John Paul Boukis

Advisory Board

Adam Thomas

Managing Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Dr. Kevin Sneed

SVP and Dean Taneja College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida

Richard Munassi, MD MBA

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Investor

Kim Stebbings

Former President, DYSIS Medical

Suhas Apte

Former VP, Kimberly-Clark

Radha V. Bachman

Partner, FisherBroyles LLP

Christopher O’ Connor

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