We bring the care to 
digital “healthcare”

Constellation4 is a team of experienced healthcare executives looking to reimagine the healthcare journeys of payers, providers, and patients. Simply put, we put clean data in the hands of healthcare providers to better collaborate and create rewarding experiences.

What We Stand For



We have been at the forefront of sophisticated digital transformation projects across industries. Now, we bring that expertise to healthcare.



We rethink how technology fuels the care continuum for stakeholders. Our solutions are “constellations” that boldly map new connections.



We solve the most stubborn friction points between patients, providers, and payers. We take a “tech-first” approach always.

Our Team

Saru Seshadri

Mike Keilty

Vince Kegel

John Paul Boukis

Our Advisory Board

Adam Thomas

Managing Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Dr. Kevin Sneed

SVP and Dean Taneja College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida

Richard Munassi, MD MBA

Entrepreneur, Mentor, Investor

Kim Stebbings

Former President, DYSIS Medical

Suhas Apte

Former VP, Kimberly-Clark

Radha V. Bachman

Partner, FisherBroyles LLP

Christopher O’ Connor

Former SVP, Freedom Health Plan

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