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Provider Data Management Product Release August

Like in June, this monthly product update comes to you during my travels to India! I am proud to share we were able to bring together the entire team in person for several days of meetings and team building. Several important product enhancements were developed in the month of June. My team and I are excited to share them with you.

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Constellation4 Health | DEA Numbers: Everything You Need to Know

DEA Numbers: Everything You Need to Know

A DEA number is a unique identifier assigned by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to healthcare providers authorized to advise controlled substances. The DEA registration number allows providers to write controlled substance prescriptions and also helps the DEA track provider prescribing activity and monitor for potential fraud and abuse.

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Constellation4 Health | What is the National Provider Identification Number (NPI)?

What is the National Provider Identification Number (NPI)?

The National Provider Identification Number (NPI) is a unique 10-digit number that is assigned to healthcare providers in the United States. The National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Administrative Simplification Standard that allows providers to have one national identifier.

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Handshake Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute | HFO Investments

Constellation4 Health Acquires Vulcan Health and Closes Pre-Seed Investment

Constellation4 Health, a healthcare technology innovator, has acquired all the interests of Vulcan Health, a referral management platform, from Florida Eye Specialists & Cataract Institute, a premier ophthalmology practice on the west coast of Florida. As part of the acquisition, Constellation4 closed its first pre-seed investment from the Henderson Family Office.

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Top 5 Questions from Health Plans Regarding the No Surprises Act

The No Surprises Act (the NSA) was signed into law in December 2020 and most provisions went into effect January 1, 2022. In order to avoid penalties and consequences associated with noncompliance, it is crucial for health plans to fully understand the technicalities of the NSA and responsibilities placed on health plan entities under this new law.

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CMS No Surprises Act: What Patients and Healthcare Payers Need To Know

The motivation behind the CMS No Surprises Act (NSA) was signed into law in December 2020 with the remainder of its components going into effect at the beginning of 2022. The goal of this act is to increase transparency between healthcare biller and payer, limiting the number of surprise bills you receive for your healthcare.

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