Mapping new constellations 
in the world of healthcare

Reimagining care pathways

Constellation4 helps create frictionless streamlined healthcare workflows.

Our products and solutions use proprietary technology to unlock the power of clean data and create a scalable and highly-collaborative ecosystem. We enable you to fundamentally rethink how you can use clean data. And then, we empower you to reimagine your care pathways by mapping new constellations between patients, providers, and payers.


Take a no-compromise stance on clean data

  • Leverage fully-compliant ‘clean data at the core’ framework
  • Get insights to solve process inefficiencies and trigger growth
    Use sentiment analysis to enhance “care” in digital healthcare

Build an automation-led ecosystem within minutes

  • Assess your “as is” ecosystem and develop a transformation roadmap
  • Meet CMS interoperability compliance rules
  • Automate the right processes without being impacted by bad data

Create streamlined healthcare flows

  • Enable omnichannel connectivity with cutting-edge digital experience tools
  • Create unified and seamless stakeholder journeys
  • Easily scale your support capabilities based on your demand

Our Products

Unlock the power of clean healthcare data and create outstanding stakeholder experiences with Constellation4’s cutting-edge suite of products.


Pure4 follows a strategic approach to empower you with clean provider data. First, it aggregates, verifies, and curates various provider data elements with sources that provide trusted information. Pure4 then uses advanced capabilities to enhance data quality before passing information to various payer systems.

Power your CMS Provider Directory API with Pure4’s FHIR compliant, secure cloud-hosted, scalable API Gateway – a turn-key solution that can be implemented within minutes.

  • AI-powered platform to aggregate verified data from multiple sources (phone, web, and email)
  • Full healthcare network visibility with comparison analytics
  • End-to-end interoperability of clean data within just minutes
COMMS4 Logo New

Comms4 is an off-the-shelf next-generation communicator for healthcare stakeholders. Both low-code and intuitive, it streamlines how stakeholders interact through voice and chat channels.

You can ensure streamlined health flows while improving agent efficiency and lowering costs of providing support. The best part is you get contextual insights to drive meaningful and profitable conversations.

  • AI-powered self-service with just a web browser and an internet connection
  • Elimination of hefty license charges or long-term commitments
  • Improved healthcare literacy and reduced financial burden

Our Solutions

Get the technology firepower to speed up your digital transformation – complete within minutes what may generally take months!


We offer consulting solutions to accelerate digital transformation


We offer business process automation solutions pre-designed for healthcare


We offer interoperability solutions to become compliant within minutes

Want to unlock the power of clean data 
and build a collaborative ecosystem?

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