Constellation4 Releases Intelligent Provider Network Manager For Salesforce Health Cloud

Tampa, FL, September 19, 2023

Constellation4, an innovator in digital health technology, is excited to announce the launch of Intelligent Provider Network Manager (IPNM), designed for optimizing Salesforce Health Cloud implementation.

Building healthcare applications requires managing provider details – businesses and healthcare facilities where providers practice – using native Salesforce Health Cloud capabilities. However, this poses a substantial challenge due to the complexities of maintaining accurate and up-to-date information.

Using IPNM, organizations can drastically reduce their Salesforce application development time, reduce the complexities of the health cloud data model, consistently implement workflows, and power Experience Cloud usage. Constellation4 has already delivered two significant solutions for the healthcare industry challenges, provider recruiting and referral care coordination using IPNM.

Recognized by Gartner in their 2023 Provider Network Management and Provider Data Management Market Guides, Constellation4’s IPNM stands as a testament to excellence. Gartner, a globally acclaimed authority in research and advisory services, commends the solution for its significant contribution to the healthcare technology landscape. This recognition not only underscores Constellation4’s commitment to innovation and industry leadership but also reinforces Constellation4’s dedication to improving the healthcare industry. For more details on this recognition, please visit Constellation4’s Market Guide Blog.

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Why Improve Salesforce Health Cloud Implementations

Healthcare organizations are burdened with the complexities of Salesforce application development, navigating the intricacies of the health cloud data model and striving for seamless workflow implementation, all while contending with the integration demands of Experience Cloud. In response, Constellation4 introduces Intelligent Provider Network Manager to work with Salesforce Health Cloud.

Salesforce Health Cloud and the integration of VLOCITY acquisition provide a powerful and flexible framework for building healthcare applications. Add-on licenses such as Provider Network Management, Sell & Administer Benefits, Distributions Management, and Experience Cloud for Health Cloud and Experience Cloud Plus provide additional functionality and flexibility.

The flexibility and robustness of the platform bring forth particular challenges for customers to navigate. One of these challenges revolves around user experience (UX), specifically the need for a business-friendly interface that effectively facilitates the management of core functionalities such as Practice, Facility, and Provider. It’s crucial to manage the intricate relationships between these entities swiftly. However, high costs to implement and support digital health applications can negate the platform’s advantages.

Establishing a proficient team capable of handling the complexities of the Health Cloud increases operational expenses. Additionally, despite Salesforce’s comprehensive support for customization, tailoring these capabilities to suit unique use cases necessitates specialized expertise. Lastly, the integration process presents hurdles. Implementing Health Cloud without the requisite domain knowledge can result in prolonged integration timelines, potentially affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the solution deployment.

Intelligent Provider Network Manager

The Intelligent Provider Network Manager solution from Constellation4 has been meticulously developed on the top Salesforce Health Cloud platform to manage the complexities of provider networks efficiently. With a commitment to accuracy, simplicity, and consistency, Constellation4 seeks to modernize the provider experience and make it akin to the consumer experience prevalent in most industries today. With IPNM, managing the details of practices, healthcare facilities, providers, and providers’ practice locations becomes a breeze with intuitive interfaces. Customers can deliver Provider self-service capabilities with modern user experiences using the reusable LWC components from IPNM with Salesforce Experience Cloud much faster.

IPNM is a standard 2nd generation AppExchange App*, readily available for installation and quick activation within any Salesforce Org. This user-friendly solution enables customers to manage practices, healthcare facilities, and providers efficiently. Users can seamlessly add, oversee, and update various details, from NPI to operating hours. The platform also streamlines provider practice management across locations, allowing hassle-free addition and administration of healthcare providers. With requisite Health Cloud licenses, partners gain the ability to manage their practice, facility, and provider information, promoting effective collaboration and streamlined management.

With these core business functions intuitively available to providers and business users, customers can accelerate building Salesforce healthcare applications that require all the basic network details.

Streamline Healthcare Workflows and Data-Driven Applications

The Intelligent Provider Network Manager (IPNM) solution empowers business users and providers with essential network management functions. IPNM accelerates implementations through data-driven applications, ensuring efficient operations. IPNM forms the bedrock for various healthcare workflows, actively managing providers, practice locations, and relationships between providers, facilities, and practices. These include Patient Scheduling, Referral Management, Provider Recruiting, Credentialing, and Contracting. It streamlines complex healthcare workflows seamlessly, reducing implementation costs significantly.

IPNM can integrate curated provider data from Pure4, facilitated by the Pure4 AppExchange-approved product. Pure4 is Constellation4’s Provider Data Management app, which provides health payers a single source of provider data truth within Salesforce. This streamlined inclusion of provider data further enhances healthcare application workflows, providing direct access to provider data from Pure4.

“Constellation4’s Intelligent Provider Network Manager solution is set to reshape the Salesforce Health Cloud implementations landscape. It enables healthcare organizations to navigate the complexities of Provider Network Management with enhanced precision, efficiency, and confidence,” said Saru Seshadri, Founder and CEO of Constellation4. Saru has over twenty years of experience as a healthcare technology serial entrepreneur and innovator who has a track record building solutions for healthcare business and socio-economic challenges. Saru further states, “Our years of domain expertise in Provider Network and Data Management, and deeper analysis of Salesforce Health Cloud, identified this opportunity to make Salesforce and its customers much more successful with their projects.”

A Future Powered by IPNM

Constellation4 is a Healthcare technology company providing innovative and scalable solutions for leading Health Insurance Payers and Providers. As a Salesforce Partner, our products are built on top of the Salesforce Health Cloud which is the world’s #1 CRM for Healthcare. Explore the capabilities of our Intelligent Provider Network Manager solution, or reach out to us at info@constellation4.comorcontact us on our online form for more information. Empower your healthcare organization with IPNM and join us in shaping a future where efficiency, precision, and excellence merge to create a transformative healthcare ecosystem. 

About Constellation4

Constellation4 is a Healthcare technology company providing innovative and scalable solutions for leading Health Insurance Payers and Providers. As a Salesforce Partner, our products are built on top of the Salesforce Health Cloud, which is the world’s #1 CRM for Healthcare. Our mission is to deliver healthcare technology solutions and create a sense of belonging within our team, foster an ownership mindset that emphasizes accountability and excellence, and ultimately make a positive impact by enabling purposeful careers and contributing to the well-being of the communities we serve. Our Solutions are:

Provider Network Manager: Reimagining the workflows between payers and providers is a must to create sustainable payer models. We provide a complete contact-to-contract platform powered by Salesforce.

Referral Care Coordination: Our seamless physician-to-physician referral platform grows market share, prevents leakage, and gives providers complete visibility of patient status.

Provider Data Management: A single source of truth for provider data powered by a Data-as-a-service platform that ensures 92% data accuracy compared to an industry standard of 52%

Healthcare Analytics: Automate and mature your Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and AI. We have over 100 Use Cases, including claims reconciliation, profitability analysis, and HEDIS Campaign Management.

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