Avoid Expensive No Surprises Act (NSA) Disputes With Accurate Provider Data

What Is A Health Plan Required To Do?

NSA Circles-01

Network Maintenance

Of Provider Directory Information

NSA Circles-05

Launch a Verification Process

To Update Provider Directory Quarterly

NSA Circles-02

Implement a Process

To Remove Unverified Providers Quarterly

NSA Circles-04

Execute an Updating Process

For Provider Directory Information Within 2 Days of Receipt From the Provider

NSA Circles-03

Implement a Response Protocol

Ensure a Providers’ Network Status Request is Responded Within 1 Business Day and Communication is Maintained for 2 Years

NSA Circles-06

Post Balance Billing Protections

NSA Allows Individuals to Waive Balance Billing Protections for Certain Services

Talk to our No Surprises Act Expert

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Saru Seshadri

Founder & CEO

Solution Highlights

Single-Source System of Truth

for provider network data

to meet CMS provider directory audit requirements

with accurate provider data

with powerful dashboards

How Our Provider Data Management Platform Works

Our platform collects provider data from multiple sources, both public (CMS, medical boards, state data) and private (network directories, roster files), and aggregates them. The platform curates over 7 million provider data records, using powerful and proprietary AI tools built on AWS technologies.

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