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Raghu Rao Product Owner

By Raghu Rao, Product Owner-Provider Data Management, August 2022

Raghu Rao Product Owner

By Raghu Rao, Product Owner-Provider Data Management, July 2022

I am excited to share with you our August release notes! 


NLA v2 continues to evolve with major upgrades allowing users to directly compare any two networks, including FHIR End point data and Pure4 Curated data and Customer verified data:

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Customers can compare networks for location analysis of up to 100K records in each of them with prompt alerts when they exceed those limits. 

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The new comparison allows the users to optionally include Practitioners at matched location between two networks.

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The comparison analysis results provide a clear representation of the provider totals used in both networks and the graphical representation of the network areas now provides a quick overview of the location along with the list of Practitioners who are practicing at that location. 


Verification feature allows the Customers to import provider data files in the new Data Integration section or automatically imports the files from AWS S3 storage locations dedicated to each Customer. The process allows the users more control in exporting the verified provider data with clear identification of the export files containing timestamps in filename, automatically to AWS S3 storage locations. New providers at any location can be added during the verification process even if they are not to be listed in directory.

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